Jean founded his interior design studio in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 with the ambition to mix European culture which was fed with Brazilian influences that passion in order to create an original style, creative, unusual and exceptional.

After graduated in architecture at the E.S.A – Ecole Speciale d’Architecture, in Paris, he worked with the greatest. With Alain Charles Perrot, chief architect of historic monuments, it acquires a taste for classic French architecture, the meticulous and perfect proportions. This includes working to restore major landmarks such as the Grand Palais, the Palais Royal and the Opera Garnier. Then he then drove to work with leading French and American designers (Jacques Garcia and Juan Pablo Molyneux) and especially Alberto Pinto. With him, he will learn the taste for detail, daring mixtures, the play of colors, the sense of volume and generosity. It was at his side he discovered Brazil and wanted to settle there to open a high level office.

This desire for exclusivity and luxury led him to create a unique lifestyle that comes in all styles: classical, contemporary, art deco, ethnic, ... Beyond the interior design extends this spirit in creating a line of fabrics and cushions, from tableware and linens and accessories.

With work of materials, colors, influences he seeks to develop a "made in France-Brasil" style that is beyond conventions. Each space he designs inspired by the personality of the client, the place to imagine a house, a boat, a plane, offices, a hotel with a soul ... or he feels at home.

The office based in Rio and has team in Paris and in Sao Paulo we have the opportunity to intervene to any project, regardless of its location.